Did you know that buyers begin to form their opinion of a
house, positive or negative, from the moment they pull up
to the curb or into the driveway? That’s right, within the
first ten seconds of stepping inside the buyer’s decision
has been made.  Therefore, your home must be presented
in its best possible light so that the buyer can actually
visualize themselves living in it. Buyers only know what
they see, not how it could be.

Staging is the process of preparing any home for sale,
regardless of price or location. Because buyers are
attracted to houses they can visualize themselves living in,
it is important that the home be de-personalized, de-
cluttered, and organized, thus allowing the buyer to focus
on the space and not get distracted by it's contents. The
goal is to enhance and showcase the positive features of
the home so that buyers can visualize the full potential of
the property.

Using a proven professional set of guidelines, New Life
Staged Homes reviews your house for compliance with
preset standards and then works with the flow of the
house to ensure that a buyer’s first impression is a
positive one through de-cluttering, organizing, arranging
furniture, and even enhancing curb appeal. A Staged
Home is also entitled to a special marketing program
developed to promote those homes that have been
designated as Staged Homes.

Staging is an amazing marketing tool for both sellers and
realtors alike to  differentiate their properties. Statistics
have shown that staged homes sell for 3-10% more on
average than the unstaged competition and usually in
about half the time. Staging can be utilized for homes that
are occupied, vacant, preparing to go on the market or
languishing on the market. This unique system has proven
to help sell homes faster and/or for more money!
In 1976 Barb Schwarz entered the world of residential real
estate as an agent in Bellevue, WA. Prior to real estate Barb
had owned her own interior design business. She
immediately recognized the challenge that existed for all
agents of how to help Sellers prepare their homes for sale
without upsetting or offending the owner. Barb started
educating her sellers on how to set the scene and how to
set the Stage® to get their properties sold for top dollar.

She coined the phrase "Staging the home for sale." This
was truly the first time the word Staging had been used in
the real estate industry and at that time Barb had to explain
the meaning of the word over and over to both agents and
sellers everywhere.

Now, after teaching close to 1,000,000 agents and
decorators about Staging all over the United States from
1985 to present time, Barb's term is accepted and
understood nationwide and homes that are Staged have an
immediate advantage in any market.

Barb Schwarz received the Stage® Federally Registered
Trademark with the United States government in 1990.
Now, she has developed the "Accredited Staging
Professional™ (ASP)™ Course" for professionals in the
industry to earn the ASP™ designation. Accredited Staging
Professionals™ have the training and the skills to
effectively Stage® homes for their clients and give them the
Staged Home advantage.
Kim, Barb, & Suzanne at
ASP-IAHSP 2008 Convention
Barb Schwarz,
the creator of
Home Staging®