Home Staging Testimonials:
New Life Staged Homes and Suzanne Burkart and Kim Small perform miracles!

My first encounter with them was just that -- a miracle. I had been coaching my Sellers for two months
on how to get their home ready to sell. They had a large home which was packed corner to corner and
, even though they were working on it, never seemed to scratch the surface. I was worried about
marketing the home in the condition it was in. Suzanne and Kim completely transformed this home
into a show place that I was proud to market. I was completely amazed the first time I walked into this
home when they had finished; it was decluttered, squeaky clean and beautifully staged in a very short

A month later they went to work on a home I was listing for an elderly friend of mine. This older home
had not been updated for many years but had great potential and was located in a very popular area
of town. I received a bid to do minimal repairs which included painting, cleaning, hardwood floor
repair and refinish, carpenter work, yard work and staging (and many more miscellaneous tasks). My
Seller agreed to have the work done. The most valuable service to me was that I had to do nothing
after I gave them a signed contract and the key to the house. Suzanne and Kim directed all the work
and I felt very comfortable knowing that the finished product would be wonderful. I was not
disappointed. My Seller loved the home and the purchase offer that followed two days after it was
listed! My Seller also loved me because I brought Suzanne and Kim to her home -- an added perk for

I passed Suzanne and Kim's number on to my co-worker who has used them numerous times. I think
she is trying to keep them so busy in our company that they won't have time to work for our

I look forward to working with Suzanne and Kim again soon. They are two of the most positive,
professional, talented and truly nice people I've met and they absolutely perform miracles!


Pat Fitzpatrick, Agent
Prudential Cheyenne Real Estate
Cheyenne, WY
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Dear Kim and Suzanne,

You are being very missed at 919 Creighton this week. I really enjoyed you both and of course,
know you deserved this check.  We now start "the waiting game." Bill did such a nice job also --
we're glad you're in our lives!  I will look forward to your advice on my new home but next of all --
our lunch and shopping trip.

Thank you again,
Cheyenne, WY
I want you to know what a special treat it was to have Suzanne help out with my mother's 90th birthday

While my sister and I prepared for a reception/open house, Suzanne was in charge of preparing a
luncheon for 40 people at my mother's house.

When we came back for lunch I was astonished. She had created a buffet that would have made any
caterer proud. A humble utility room had been transformed into a country garden. The laundry and
sewing areas were now dressed up with flea market finds like vintage tea towels, apple boxes, and
watering cans filled with flowers.

I am a professional florist and could not have designed the setting better myself. I can't wait to see what
she does next!

Cathy Harris
Cheyenne, WY
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